The One Where Terry Bradshaw Reveals He'd Go Gay For Tom Brady

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Terry Bradshaw Likes Tom Brady A Little Too Much, Some Texans Say

Maybe he isn't as important as he once was, but this guy pretty much came out the closet at this "get motivated" seminar yesterday. He never really talked about getting motivated, it was just plan weird...he said, "one time when he was interviewing Tom Brady, that he just drifted off and thought if I were to ever jump the fence it would be with Tom, he's such a handsome man" and "how he wouldn't hesitate, if the opportunity presented itself". This Brady talk was for a minimum of 10 minutes of his speech, I shit you not. There was more, but that was the part all of us couldn't believe, he also said he slept with his cat last night, I have no clue wtf this guy was on about. The tickets were actually pretty pricey, but they gave some to the military, so that's how we got to go. It was in Beaumont, TX, Thursday march 25. He said a bunch other weird stuff, just let me know if it's worth rehashing over with my the guys in my department, we all thought it was funny and weird.


Nice Try

Skip Bayless Has The Strangest Fans

I googled Skip Bayless pictures and at the top of the page was a group of four pictures, one of yours showing him shirtless looking like he's engaged in a sex act. Do you have any other pics of him? There's another one next to yours of him sitting on the john nude with a naked guy standing in front of him with his dick in Skip's face. I can't click on that one because I get a message saying the site can't be found.

Jim Jackson

This Is What Happens When You Take It Too Far


Pleased To Meet You, Too, TMZ Sports


Never Email With Insane People Who Love Cole Hamels

INSANE LADY NAMED CHERYL: Who cares. You must be an old worn out man that can not handle new young constellations of athletes especially when they are good looking.
Hey dead better watch out that hard ball doesn't hit you, and you better watch out Werth's bat doesn't splatter your brains all over the net.

ME: Confused. What prompted this?

INSANE LADY NAMED CHERYL: Constant badgering of this young athlete after he went through so many changes late season. Thank God he has the new pitcher to shield him.
People and media must remember these gorgeous young men are athletes NOT MOVIE STARS, and they are not prepared for the way the media
Swarms them. I also became aware that most of the negative writings of a number of these outstanding athletes always was written by older men, past their prime.

These young men only have a certain number of years to shine from the stars from the sky. We should respect them and keep them strong and healthy.
It is not acceptable for anybody to expect a young athlete to blow out his arm for another pennant.

They are young and strong athletes, our Philadelphia athletes are wonderful. They created foundations when they got so much money.
Perhaps the sports broadcasters can be a bit softer with the criticism.
Having a pregnant (hormonal) wife and then handed a new baby in the playoffs and world series was a bit too much.
Heidi should have planned better. It's not her light to shine in. It is Mr. Hamels.

Thank you for your understanding. I pray our young stars do well and are not injured in any way.
Let them enjoy their gifts from God and do what they do best. Being the constant focus in the media because of also being physically beautiful isn't fair.
As I stated above.....somebody should shield them from the media and constant twisting of words, know exactly what I am saying.

And if you look on other teams, you will not find such beauty and talent as we in Philadelphia have. Treasure them for they are only in that field for numbered years.




He is a baby compared to the legends in the History of MLB.
Back off of him please and let him set his records like the others that were not as physically good looking.
Good looks are not always best for you. I know, because I am beautiful and people were not fair to me.


"Great Moments In Dong-Shaped Food"

This passover, may God provide you with a horseradish that satisfies all your needs.

— Evan G.