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The One With Rick Pitino, Karen Sypher And The Bizarre Love Triangle Rumors

We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another. (NSFW)

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...

Pitino Did What With The Who Now In The What?


Word on the streets of Louisville is that Rick Pitino will retire on Monday May 4th over the extortion case against him. I've heard every rumor but they usually break down into two categories the bizarre(gay love rectangle involving Rick, his son, Karen Sypher's oldest son, and Tim Sypher) to the evil (Pitino had Tim Sypher, his longtime equipment manager, seduce and marry Karen to stop her repeated extortion attempts after Pitino had an affair with her). Hopefully its a combination of both!

It hasn't been announced yet to avoid the Louisville Derby media hoopla his retirement, and his son has already moved on to an assistant job at Florida. Thad Matta and Mark Few would be the leading candidates for the job. Anyway, I know this won't make deleted scenes unless its right, but if it is, just tell me I told you so.

Anonymous Kentucky fan

Lebron Should Really Heed This Warning

does mr James know that talcum powder is ground up soapstone and has been shown to accumalate in the lungs and cause emphezima . the human body cant break down talcum its almost as bad as cement powder maybe someone could mention it to him.

I'm Sorry I Didn't Find The Big Tits Clip

I'm fairly certain that Phil just got called Big Tits on live TV...please find a clip.

About a half hour ago I was watching the Golf Channel coverage.

Phil was on the 6th hole and had to hack out of the trees.

As he was walking out to the fairway, some dude says "LET'S GO BIG TITS"

The camera cut back to Phil just as he turned around, walked back towards the guy and said "WHAT DID YOU SAY"


Phil then went crying to his caddie to get an official on it.

He went on to make his first bogey of the day. Please find this clip!!!

Chasing Ronnie Woo Woo

This is just a random picture my buddy took of famed Cub fan Ronnie Woo Woo outside his office by Wrigley...thought you guys might get a kick out of it...or not.


No, YOUR Mom

Because it's Mother's Day next Sunday, 5/10, and there's still time to get something funny and sexy like our Trophy Wife tee. For your wife. And for your mom, too. Check out


Adventures In "Management" Part I


So, why no props for the Dirk story?

You have never used any of my submissions. I wish Rick was still there.

Typical Philly asshole.


Lew, honestly:

I'm sorry you feel that way.Even though I know, for some reason, you feel like you are the first person in the world to send me a national story and you should be the person that gets credit for it, that's not going to be the case. Ever.

So good luck with your blog and whatever else it is you do. Please don't email your submissions to Deadspin anymore and we'll both be much happier.

Hope you feel better.



Oh i feel much better already, jerkwad


You're a real class act, Lew.


Yeah i know. You always use the same bs excuse that you have too many sources to use my story when actually, you've never used any of my submissions. Will should have knocked you in the head with a brick.



Don't worry. I'll link your dumb ass on Friday you crazy old shit.


Cool, for the first time ever you are shooting straight. That's all i'm asking for. Damn philly people.


Adventures In Management Part II

MR. DENTON:(2:39:48 PM): oh, you can post vid on Deadspin if you like
MR. DENTON :(2:39:58 PM): given it's so much about Will
ME: (2:40:34 PM): How about I just run a photo of me blowing him instead?
MR. DENTON: (2:41:11 PM): you could do that too
ME: (2:41:29 PM): There's probably one on Flickr.

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