We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


Yes, Let's Get To The Gravy

Yo hi deadspn I heard about you from my friend and he said that u do some funny stories and all that shit so i ahve one about my school- i am a studetn at university of pitt and i got a sweet story about partying an hanging wit my boy dajuan blair


yo dis story is as legit as it gets so plz dont put it in dat thing i saw on friday bout deleted shit, thats for the shit that dont make sense like havin jj redick suck off jack baures dick or some fake shits like dat bro this is fuckin legit aite lemme get to the gravy

dis was like a month ago but i just found out bout dis site so forgive a nigga

so me and my bros were partyin one night at a frat and blair comes rollin in wit his pals theres about 9 of em and he was like get out the way mothafuckas i am mr pennsylvania and then he goes up to da hottest chick on the floor she was like a mily cyrus clone an he be like heyyy shawwwtyyy u lookin dammnnn fine momma an i was like shiit son dat takes some nerve but hes blair and he the tank he gets wat he wants and he be bangin and blangin wid that girl an she was prob like oooh dejuan you so sexii and he was like yeah i am trick


and he danced wit that chick fo like a wihle den he was like "boom bitch i'm out"

ima go get that championship niggas peace

so i was like sheeit i gotta holla at dat nigga so i was like you da fuckin man blair you get that shit


and he was like for reals man i'll do it for you

then he told that hot chick yo dance wit my man and she was like okay

so she danced wit me

and then he left

(Ed. Note: atlakdja;lerj;lialkajdl!J)

Well There Are Lots Of Guys Named Donte'

My buddy told me he was at a party sunday afternoon at the fountainbleu hotel in miami beach, and saw donte stallworth partying with jeremy shockey and reggie bush among others. my friend said he got a picture with the 3 of them. is it noteworthy that stallworth is partying it up a day after killing someone just minutes from where the accident took place? i could prob get him to send u the picture if u think ud use it. let me know. keep up the good work


More Stuff On McGwire's Roid-Dealing Baby Brother

hey there, I cant believe that jay is doing this to his family, What he should be saying is that he is ashaimed of doing roids his self, I worked out at worlds gym in walnut creek ca. and jay was my trainer, mark was also in the gym often working out ... Jay says he introduced mark to a dealer... jay was the dealer, jay was hush hush but everyone knew it even the owners of the gym,,Jay was fun to train with and going to get chicken rice and bean burritos after a night of lifting with him was fun,, from what Im reading jay is telling the truth about it all, but he really should be asked about how many people he affected with the supply of the goods and take those thoughts to the grave some day..ever since I left the gym and knew jay went back to his southern ca. area I wondered when we would see him on tv competing in a tourney and winning the big one, he was 21 when I knew him and a monster then..damm ,once again I cant believe this is the way he is making history.


Okay, Fine — UNC's Not An Asshole Squad

while i wasn't there, i can pretty much assure you that story about the unc players going to the library is false. they just don't have those dudes on this team.


plus, it's the THIRD time they've won the acc. trust, it's not a big deal around here.

Yes, This Is Something We Might Look Into

Hey there-

Hope this email finds you well. Isn't it wonderful how March Madness brings us together: thrilling college basketball and game-day parties with abundant hot dogs, beer and other less-than-healthy party favors. But just because you pegged Maryland for the Sweet 16 doesn't mean you have to make equally poor decisions about what you serve to your fellow fans.


O Organics offers a wide selection of affordable organics in mainstream grocery stores-everything from pretzels to popcorn and pizza to tortilla chips. Here are some great options for game-day (all 95%+ organic!):

+ Blue Corn Chips with Sesame Seeds and Fire Roasted Salsa
+ Arnold Palmers made with Italian Lemon Soda and Black Tea
+ Lightly Salted Cashews and Almonds
+ White Cheddar Popcorn
+ Hot Wing Chicken Sausage
+ And many more options with over 300 products in 50+ categories!


I would love to provide you with more information if this is relevant to any postings you are working on. Please feel free to contact me any time.


Kara Vorhes

Yes, He's Absolutely Racist

Ok so this is probably unnecessary, but in the latest Reilly article (about Tiger Woods), he makes this awesome comment:

[Tiger] is addicted to skiing. (Starting to hit the black slopes).

Black slopes!? Uncalled for!

Oh, So Maybe Mike Fratello Was Speaking To A Man In Drag?

Mike Fratello is a homo and regularly gets caught wanking his boyfriends Bob Serpentini (http://www.blacktie-cleveland.com/premiere_events/largepics.cfm?id=16862&partyid=257) and Ken Stewart (http://www.kenstewartsgrille.com/) whenever he's in the Cleveland metro area- the cops who catch them get paid off to not write them up or talk about the sick acts in the backseats of their cars. But it gets talked about anyway because they're all such douchebags.