The One With Unintentional Racism At A Fast Food Joint

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Here We Go...

Love the site! I was at the Brea Mall today and where once stood a Popeyes chicken was now a place called chicken pop. It was explained to me that the owners did not want to pay the large monthly franchise fee etc. ( i noticed they kept basically Popeyes menu and added a few Korean dishes) and then i noticed THE WELCOME SIGN ON THE CASH REGISTER! Had to take the pic, hope it makes its way to your awesome site!



Um what?


Did I accidentally email the wrong person? My apologies


Nooo . Not at all. I'm just stunned. No photoshopping, right?


Nope that's 100% the real deal! 2 registers and they both had that on there! I waited in line for 10 mins to get that pic. I wanted to point it out to them but didn't know how to broach the subject lol.


DUDE: Another pic of the register


ME: What did you go again?

DUDE: Lol had to see if it was still there and it was.

Nuggers For Life

Whoa, check the "Nuggers" link on the right of this page. I'd do a screen cap, but I don't know how.


This Is Why Ladies Shouldn't Write The Funbag, Part 1

Hi, I really enjoyed your substitution of Drew for the Funbag and I wanted to bounce something off of you that has sparked a firestorm of debate among my group of friends. Long story short, a friend was seeing a girl and the first time she stayed over he didnt offer her any clothes to sleep in so she wore jeans and sweater. They were both very put off by the experience and things went south quickly after. It was always my thought that if you offer a girl pj's you are increasing your odds by making a more comfy environment for all parties involved. He viewed it as the exact opposite, you are just creating an unnecessary boundary for yourself to overcome. At first i thought he was crazy but when the subject came up at a dinner there were people on both sides of the fence. Their argument was that at our age (around 30) when someone comes home with you its kinda assumed what is going to happen. My thought is that sometimes you gotta go through the motions, not all girls are down with the whole come-in-the-door-and-start-fucking method of seduction. I think it should be noted too that this same guy doesnt have a couch in his living room... just two overstuffed chairs with an end table in between... nothing says i want to mess aorund more than having to get up and share a recliner. So can you settle this for us? Am I out of touch or is he clueless? Keep up the great work.


This Is Why Ladies Shouldn't Write The Funbag, Part Two

Nice work on the Funbag, some funny shit in there...I'm in love with you or at least the part of you that's brutally honest, sharp-witted and has the delicate balance of a woman that needs to rest her dainty feet but can also articulate the skid-mark gamble inherent in every wearing of a thong. My money says you know your way around a wine list, could be comfortable drinking beer with commercial fishermen, rock the shit out the sweatpants-and-a-ponytail look and would even be down with fucking in the car during a friend's wedding reception. Jus' like I said: love.

Got a twin sister in the Pacific NW?


Joe Morgan is THE MAN

Saw your reprint in Deadspin. Like Joe, I didn't read your whole article to get the gist. Now you know...
Talking to Joe Morgan about data is like talking to your old grandma and trying to convince her to switch her religion.
Why bother. A ways down the road, you'll just look like a loser....
You're wrong about JM. He's the only announcer who offers insight to fans and players.
He's the only announcer that I CAN listen to. You should go back and listen to his visit during a game
a few years back with Jack Robinson's widow. He really is THE MAN. There is no one like Joe Morgan.
Picking on Joe is really like picking on your grandma. He's that good.
The people who would agree with your stance seem to be baseball newbies and know-it-alls, who don't really get baseball or JM—
take a good look in the mirror jm basher...
Where are those lovely A's now? All those nifty stats and they can't find a hit.
In one way, I think you're right. It's better that you and your minions — the jm haters — watch the games with MUTE on.
That will make you happy,and make me even happier. I think you and your gang of schmucks are a perfect match for today's FOX and TBS baseball announcers' fare of
grandiose compu-generated season-in-a-second insightless stat-babble. Enjoy!
I'll stick with Joe.

Northfield, MN

Assholes Meeting Assholes

Nice to see that a hall of famer and maybe the best second baseman ever thinks you're as big an asshole as I do. Shouldn't you and Rob Neyer be consoling each other right now over the gold glove awards ?


And This Is Just Exhausting, Yo Yo Yo

Deadspin highlighted this article today, re: Joe Morgan and anti-moneyball feelings.

Interesting tone in parts, but Couple questions stand out.

Couple related to the book Moneyball:

Question: How exactly did Billy Beane's As teams do during 2000s world series? Oh that's right, they never won the pennant, as pointed out. Right. So, in other words their pitching was plenty to get to the post season (add to fact that for most part ALWDivision was AL's weakest) But ultimately, it did not lead to more $ball teams vs non-$ball teams winning AL/NL pen. Gotcha. I know I know, little things like facts...darn!

Funny thing. Rangers and Giants, two NON-$ball teams in following most sabermetric aspects and yet those two were in WS. Hmm....

Question: Actually, a statement. Morgan (perhaps somewhat has read or familiarized himself w/$ball's contents) had some salient points. BOS Dave Roberts steal = game 4 win. Also Roberts steal in game 5 = BOS win. Those were accurate statements. That's why he was put in both times as PR. Duh. And...Jacob Ellsbury was acquired due to his speed on bases and SBs. (total hovering mid 70s per last season)

Also, Morgan's points re: Stolen Bases and waiting for DP. Actually there is a 47.8% chance during innning with man on first that the next few batters will GIDP, so actulally he was fairly accurate with his assessment that if possible, a speedier baserunner should attempt to get into scoring position.

A corollary to Sabermetrics: It's most important which batters get on base. If Carl Crawford, Bret Gardner, Ellsbury, etc. (speedsters who can run the bases AND steal consistently) then that is an effective weapon as is a 2run HR. If it's slowest runner in baseball who just swings and whiffs, totally irrelevant.

Example: Barry Bonds lead MLB in intentional BBs consistently for 4 yrs but this did not lead to leading MLB or NL in runs scored or in additional W-L for club. Translation: Late 30s bulked up player (read: game of shadows as to why) isn't fast on the bases, also cannot steal consistently and thus is sitting duck for the 47.8% GIDP. An easy out on the bases.

Morgan's: Risk vs. Reward pts. (perhaps without his knowledge) is actually fairly accurate. To obtain a reward, there must be an element of risk. The greater the risk = the greater the reward. Isn't that similar to real world outside sports? Answer: of course.

Real world example: Do you really suppose that the annointed Bill James would appreciate an "outsider" rambling on and on about statistics and certain aspects of MLB that (to his way of thinking, perhaps) he helped to pioneer? Answer: Most likely not. After all, who has had 1st hand experience at crafting and developing the subjective ER objective "science" of sabermetrics? (Which, everyone obviously knows carries a hefty 80% or higher complete accuracy rate, correct?)

Translation: Experience counts up to a certain extent. In the real world, away from academia, from science lab, re: job market, (in MLB's case, regarding free agency) It counts for a ton of a lot.

Arod, Pujols, Lee, Sabatthia, etc have consistently scored the highest contracts because they have dominated in large part in the mostly non-$ball stats: (W/L%; RBI, .300ave. etc)

Finally for real world analysis, that will separate the nitty from the grit.

Question: In total revenues and audiencewise, what is the US's #1 sport? Answer: NFL. #2: NCAA Football #3: NCAA Basketball. #4 Nascar. This yr, AL/NL DS series and AL/NL CSeries were outdrawn (ratingswise) by Jersey Shore & DWTStars.

I mention this because it appears that during last 15 yrs the younger generations have been in charge and yet as before, MLB's total viewers continue to decline. The idea that luminaries such as Rob Neyer or Bill James sabermetrics will "save" and/or increase MLBs total number of viewers is...frankly...assinine. Hasn't happened, and we've at least 15 yrs (post wild card era) to witness and noticeable rise in viewership vs other sports. hasn't happened.

Fair question: Why have the last 15 WS been heavily outdrawn? First by other sports and currently by completely non-sporting events? parlance of today's gen. (under 30, sorry dude) Baseball f'ing sucks and all that saber stuff ain't gonna get us watchin' it, dog. Yo. Yo. Yo.

So...those writing incessantly about a game loonnnnng gone in young minds as meaningful, are in fact, Old.
And irrelevant.

Writing about irrelevant sports = what's that make the writers? Irrelevant to culture at large.

I. Think. So. But...have a nice day.