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The Only Thing Worse Than A Drake Song Is A DeJuan Blair Cover Of A Drake Song

Unlike his NBA brethren, who are working at the local Home Depots, assistant coaching at Division I schools, and throwing down in local leagues, Spurs forward DeJuan Blair is apparently spending his extended off-season recording covers of terrible pop songs that are a mere two months old.

Our first taste of Blair's musical potential comes with his version of Drake's "Trust Issues," a track that somehow will not make it onto the singing rapper's sophomore album, Take Care. The original song deals with Drake's insecurities: he is afraid that "bitches" are going to date rape him, and he is afraid that "certain people don't like [him] no more" (we trust that he's at least still in LeBron's good graces). So what is DeJuan Blair so afraid of?

Aside from correct pitches, it's unclear. We know that he, too, does not trust "these bitches," who claim that he's "colder than a brain freeze" (a line that, for the record, isn't true to Drake's hashtag-rap form; the former Degrassi star likely would have infuriatingly delivered it as "bitches claim that I'm cold — brain freeze!"), that he once let his guard down and had his "love broke," and that he's wary of people who might not be "real." Blair does share, however, one of the most significant fears for the 21st-century male athlete: "You can see it how I tweet 'em/if you really want the D you would say it in a DM." As TBJ points out, that's a Drake-worthy line right there—it's just a shame that he didn't share that knowledge with Ron Artest before Ball'n came out in February.


H/T The Basketball Jones.

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