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The Packers Are One Step Closer to that Second Round Draft Pick

Last night's ridiculous Jets-Patriots battle in Foxborough turned out to be everything a football fan could hope for , with the requisite Favreian/Spygate intrigue thrown in for good measure. But even though Favre ended up on the winning end of things and played a mistake-free, efficient game, it was the emergence of Matt Cassel, who pumped out 400 yards, three scores, and 62 yards rushing. To anyone who was not cock-blocked by their cable service who watched it, however, it's an incredibly deceptive stat line. Even though Cassel pushed the Pats down the field with a minute to play and threw a perfect pass to an outstretched Randy Moss in the corner of the end zone to tie it, his heroics were still a little too late. Throughout the game, the Patriots had opportunities to trample all over the Jets, but either ended up giving it away on goofy turnovers, or settled for field goals. And each time Cassel was forced to throw it deep, he constantly overthrew his receiver (mainly, Moss) down field. (Cris Collinsworth pointed this out, oh, ten times last night. We get it — Cassel is no Tom Brady. ) Last night's victory by the Jets is not indicative of a drastic power shift in the AFC East, but it does expose how mediocre the division is without a dominant Patriots team. Tom Brady probably could have put up a few more points but there's still that old, injury-riddled Patriots defense which had trouble slowing down Thomas Jones in the first half and then clamping down on tight end Dustin Keller in the second. Favre's "heroics" last night in overtime were based on the fact that he didn't throw a 90mph ball into triple coverage. But, for right now, the New York Jets sit atop the division at 7-3. And with their easy schedule ahead they appear to have the division locked up. Not a chance. If anything, Matt Cassel coming up as huge as he did last night in the final minute probably gives the Patriots a lot more momentum and shows this thing is far from over. Oh, and let's not forget about those Miami Dolphins... This one was even better than the hype [] Jets take over first place in a game worthy of it [NYT] Jets' win far from changing of guard [Boston Herald] E-Boland and Gang Green [Newsday]

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