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The Party Zamboni Is Here

If a Deadspin Pants Party ever finds its way to a hockey arena (yeah, right), I believe we have the perfect ice resurfacing machine to get the job done: Behold the tiki bar Zamboni.

Bid are now open on eBay for this custom hot rod convertible. At first glance, it appears to be your standard ice rink smoothing vehicle, but flip the switch and it's like, "Hey, Bud ... Let's party!"

"Looks like a regular Zamboni until you pull the party starter. Then the lid raises up over the chip bin exposing a full tiki bar, grass skirts, bamboo mats, tiki dolls, exotic cocktails, disco lamps and a huge 454 c.i. Big Block Chevy to move it along."


Sadly, it is no longer a working ice cleaner as the heating and sweeping elements have been removed. However, it is the perfect conversation piece and it is guaranteed to turn even the dullest broomball contest into a scene from "Clambake." (Bikini girls not included.)

So which one of you Zamboners is going to taking up the collection?

Every Zamboni should have its own tiki bar and disco lamps [Puck Daddy]


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