Click to view Last night, Hannah Storm was on hand for Heat-Celtics game coverage and wore a dress and boots. Hannah Storm wears dresses and boots quite often, but it led to an assortment of heavy-breathing on Twitter.

Last night on Twitter, Barry, rhetorically asked, "Are people typing all these Hannah Storm Tweets with their boners?"

What did he mean, I wondered, so I headed off to Twitter myself to find out. Here are the findings (Twitter accounts quoted here are listed at bottom).

All sic'd.

First we have the tsk-tskers:

Hannah storm walks a thin line in terms of appropriate clothing.

Hannah storm needs to dress a little more professional, no wonder woody paige called her out a year ago.

o hannah storm. you should know better by now. maybe she wants inappropriate messages left on her voicemail and dick pics.


Some sought to be above the fray:

Hannah Storm can get it. And when I say 'it', I mean 'entirely way too much attention from the internet'.

Others, not so much:

Don't want to get suspended like Kornheiser so I'll play it safe & say Hannah Storm dresses like a total whore these days

Hannah storm is like an old maid cougar that is desperately seeking attention in the pride # fail # jimgraysux


The breathing-into-the-phone crowd showed up with gusto.

Hannah Storm is kind of hot.

Hannah storm a pretty white lady

Oh, and Hannah Storm though...? # cougar ass # yamp could STILL get it.

Hannah Storm always dresses mad slutty lol

good lord Hannah Storm

WoW! Hannah Storm going street corner on the # NBA coverage. She brought more Heat than the Heat last night

Hannah Storm was so hot last night on SportsCenter I had to switch it to standard definition until I could pull myself together. # niceboots

Holy god Hannah Storm is hot!

isnt today's bigger story not the mihammy heat losing, but hannah storm's cocktail dress and [redacted] boots?

I want to bone Hannah Storm.

Hannah Storm can get her tits licked in public..

[Editor's note: Wow.]

Luckily, the sorta charming were there to make it all ok.

If I was a professional athlete I would definitely take Hannah storm out on the town maybe a romantic boat ride or somethin then dinner


That was fun. Can't wait until next time.

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