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Earlier today, NBC Sports—which starts broadcasting the Premier League this season, which is why Joe Posnanski has all of a sudden decided to write about soccerTweeted this image, titled "BPL 101":

It immediately came in for scorn, either because the information it imparts is laughably basic, or because Ted Lasso already explained everything to us.


(If you were insulted by the image, it's not for you. Believe it or not, NBC would like people who don't currently follow the Premier League to start following the Premier League.)

But the slide inspired something amazing. Dan Dickinson, soccer writer for Gothamist and moderator of the r/MLS subreddit, created this: MLS 101.


Perfect. This is, we presume, the first in a series, finally concluding with discovery claims and the college protected list somewhere around slide 74.

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