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The Peter King-KSK Standoff

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The rockers over at Kissing Suzy Kobler would like to let you know that they are reasonable people. All they want out of life is to make a few humorous comments about sports, go home to their families and perhaps enjoy a Krispy Kreme. Or three. But even reasonable people can be pushed to the edge, and KSK have reached their limit. It all has to do with columnist Peter King, and while we will go out of our way to stay clear of this controversy, we cannot say we do not understand where KSK in coming from. From today's post:

"Here's the deal, Peter King: we're tired of you writing about the details of your life in your otherwise very enjoyable NFL column. ... Honestly, your column has become an insufferable, scattershot, imperious bore. Regular readers of Monday Morning Quarterback have now been subjected to your coffee habit, your green tea habit, your TV show preferences, your massive airport bowel movements, your torch-carrying for post-Katrina New Orleans, your complaints about coach seating on airlines, your correspondence with deployed servicemen and the goings-on of your family, most notably your athletic daughter Mary Beth."


KSK goes on to say that Peter King has until this afternoon to stop writing about anything non-NFL. If he does not comply, well, daughter Mary Beth will feel the brunt of their wrath. They have pictures of her, they have Photoshop, and they know how to use it.

We pray that both sides come to their senses before it's too late.

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(UPDATE: Apparently, King missed the deadline.)

(SECOND UPDATE: The KSK guys have caved; they've taken down the two posts. Probably for the best.)