Here's the email that PGA communications exec Ty Votaw sent out to reporters, via Wei Under Par:

As you know, our media regulations prohibit the use of real-time, play-by-play transmission in digital outlets. In order to enforce these regulations, beginning this year, we will revoke the on-site credentials of all journalists affiliated with outlets that post play-by-play coverage, whether those posts are originating from tournament site or otherwise.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Unrelated, let's check out how Grantland's new golf correspondent, Norm Macdonald, spent his Thursday.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore :(

This couldn't possibly be about him, could it? Oh please let it be. The idea that Norm Macdonald might get Rick Reilly's Augusta credential revoked for tweeting "lips out" is too wonderful for words.

Norm doesn't look like he's backing down one bit, either.