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The Phoenix Suns Hope You Don't Look Too Closely At This Bad Photoshop

Two-part question: Do you live in the Phoenix area and have you ever wanted to ride around the city with point guard Eric Bledsoe? If you answered “yes” to both questions, oh man, here’s what you’re doing tomorrow morning.


Alas, upon investigation, I have some concerns.

Namely, what is going on in that picture? It appears that someone tried to make Bledsoe look like he was riding the bike, but they kinda sorta just slapped a photo of my man dribbling a basketball over a generic Specialized frame and called it a day. If this were his actual riding position, he’d smash his Bledsoes on the top tube.

In removing the basketball, they left him with that little paddle for a left hand. Hydration is important, but maybe not so important that you have to carry the bottle while you ride, especially if your other hand/paddle is—and this is a charitable reading—idly resting near the handlebar. I don’t like this.

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