When it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness Week, the Plymouth Whalers have set the bar impossibly high. Where can you go after this move, in which every member of the Ontario Hockey League team on Tuesday dyed their hair pink? There's just nothing left to dye after this (don't go there, bro). Here we see Patrick Lee and Chris Terry admiring their new, fabulous look, while other teammates gossip and read Redbook while waiting under the drier. I'm all for stamping out breast cancer, but isn't a pink hockey stick enough of a gesture? No? Damn it. Anyway, it's Pink Out! Cancer Awareness Night at Compuware Arena on Friday. Hmm, a pink-out. And suddenly, the Red Sox think they have figured a way to get back into this thing. My question is, what hair salon has this much pink dye on hand? They must have one helluva downtown punk scene in Plymouth. The Plymouth Whalers Will Be In The Pink [The Detroit News]