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The Problem With Wang

All right that's enough, people. Chien-Ming Wang (pronounced "wong," by the way) has been in the major leagues five seasons now and it has been well established that his surname is an English euphemism for "penis." Ha ha, very funny.

So stop sending us every headline, photo caption, news story, text link, and jersey sale that references him while adding "omg, i can't believe they wrote this" in the subject line. Of course they wrote it! It's the man's name! I love fifth-grade humor as much as the next guy, but this one was funny for about one week back in 2005 and now it's just tired. ESPN is not in some dirty minded-conspiracy to fill the web with childish sex puns, nor are their web editors so clueless that they don't get the joke. It's just the man's name, okay?


So can we all agree to just let it go already?


Reinsert? Oh, COME ON!

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