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The Ravens Kicking Coach Is Already Mayor Of One New Jersey Town, Wants To Be Governor

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Randy Brown has been the mayor of Evesham Township in New Jersey since 2007, and the Baltimore Ravens kicking coach since 2008. Brown was once kicking coach of the Chicago Bears, a consultant with the Eagles, and has run a kicking camp. In his tenure with the Ravens, punter Sam Koch has set and beat single-season franchise records for yards per punt three times, and this season, rookie placekicker Justin Tucker made 30/33 field goals (14 of which were beyond 40 yards). Brown has been reelected as mayor, his official bio lists him as "a valued contributor to many sports radio shows," and he appears to be an effective kicking coach. All of this will come in handy when he is the Governor of New Jersey in 2017. From the Wall Street Journal:

Come 2017, though, Brown may be eying a new job: governor of New Jersey.

With Chris Christie poised to run for his second term this year, Brown said Tuesday here at Super Bowl Media Day that he is considering a bid to succeed the popular governor four years from now.

"I checked-the governor can't run again in 2017, so that seat's around," said Brown, a 45-year-old Republican. "I would never close my eyes to it. I'm a Republican with some name I.D. in New Jersey."

When Brown was first elected mayor of Evesham Township-located 15 miles east of Philadelphia in Burlington County, with a population of just more than 45,000-he had been a Democrat, having switched parties after local Republicans would not back his candidacy. But he switched back to the GOP in 2010, saying that he disagreed philosophically with the Democrats.

"The way that our party is, they're going to look for candidates who are similar to what Christie's done, and I've done it on the local level," he said.


Finally, in 2017, we may have a political debate that opens with, "How far can you punt a football?" Randy Brown will be prepared.

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