The Real Tragedy Is That My Cell Phone Was In There

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Well, if your golf cart has to plunge off of a gigantic cliff with you in it, we suppose it might as well be in Fallbrook, Calif.

A 65-year-old golfer died Tuesday after his golf cart plunged 75 feet off a cliff and crashed into a road below, authorities said. The man teed off with three friends on the second hole of the Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course in northern San Diego County at around 10 a.m. and then got into his cart. The vehicle veered off the concrete pathway, traveled down a 25-foot embankment and went over the edge of a cliff, California Highway Patrol spokesman Tom Kerns said.


No indication on the man's final words, although we'll bet they were some combination of "brakes" and "fuck."

And once again, that lazy bastard Superman somehow avoids criticism. We don't get it.

Golfer Killed After Cart Plunges 75 Feet Off Cliff [MSNBC]

(With Leather's take on this is considerably funnier than ours.)