The World Series was mostly lacking drama this year, but by now, we should be awfully used to that. Since the outstanding 2002 World Series, we've had one series go six games, one go five and three sweeps. Not that Red Sox fans care anyway.

We wonder if any Rockies fans will boast how their team won 22 of their last 27 games; that's still a pretty impressive figure, after all. On the whole, even when Colorado battled back โ€” and they did, consistently โ€” Boston always had an answer. The Red Sox were the dominant team in every possible way and, frankly, they look like they'll be in the very same position again next year, and perhaps for many years to come. Unless they dump Mike Lowell and sign A-Rod. But we'll talk about that later.

Overall, there's no longer any question as to who is the premier baseball franchise. So, Red Sox fans, here your chance to prove yourself different than Yankees fans, when they were in the same position. Let's see how you handle it.

Two For Four [Fair And Foul]