The Reds have officially crapped away the 2-0 series lead that they at one point held over the Giants, but only after the Giants almost crapped away the 6-0 lead they had throughout the majority of today's game. It's a tough way for the Reds' season to end, as they were one of the least terrible teams in a playoff bracket that is full of terrible teams. Even worse, though, is that their season ended with a decrepit Scott Rolen flailing helplessly at a Sergio Romo pitch that was begging to be crushed:

And don't even get us started on the fact that Rolen started at third rather than Ubermensch Todd Frazier, who had his powers wasted as a pinch hitter.

Frazier's heroics, Johnny Cueto's Cy-Young-worthy season, Joey Votto's prodigious numbers, and Aroldis Chapman's fireballs—all for naught in the end. At least they still have Cat Latos.