On Monday, the Redskins launched a campaign to defend their use of a racist slur as a team name. It was weak, and centered on the nebulous concept of "pride" felt by a particular Ohio high school that also uses the name Redskins. Drew pointed out that it's bullshit, and this is all about Dan Snyder not wanting to take a brief financial hit for changing the brand.

The Redskins made their point, everyone else called their point stupid, and the world moved on. Except yesterday the Redskins came back with a profile of another high school that uses the name Redskins. And today, a writeup of a third. Holy shit, they're going to spend the offseason doing one of these for every single school, aren't they?

Taken together, the stories total about 1,100 words. The words "pride" or "proud" appear 17 times.


"Some high school use this name so we can too" is the totality of the Redskins' defense. There are high school teams named the Hoboes and Orphans and Criminals and Midgets. Hell, until a couple decades ago schools were using names like Wops and Chinks. This is because high schools don't make grillions in merchandise sales, and people tend not to be offended by thing they've never heard of.

There are lot of Redskins in amateur sports. There are a fuckton more colleges and high schools that have changed their Native names because they don't want to be racist. Snyder and Co. only hold up the former group as an example, though, because it's cheaper to be tone-deaf.


EARLIER: Washington Redskins "Proudly" Defend Their Name In The Dumbest Way Possible