The Redskins Get Jokes, You Guys

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Just when you thought Dan Snyder couldn't get any more Dan Snyder. As reported by the Post, the Redskins threatened legal action against a Washington radio station over a series of parodies, until—and this is incredible—the station explained to the team that they were just jokes.

Because it went so well the last time this team sued a media outlet, the Skins were up in arms over a series of mock game broadcasts aired by WJFK, a CBS affiliate and direct rival to the Snyder-owned ESPN affiliate. They're critical of the team, the owner, and the unincorporated hellhole that is FedEx Field (listen to Monday's fake Giants-Redskins play-by-play for a taste), but they're obviously, obviously fake. Note to Snyder, and everyone really: If the guy doing a bit is a comedian, it might be comedy.


Tony Wyllie, Snyder's wholly incompetent attack/lap dog, went after WJFK, calling the routines malicious and threatening a lawsuit. Imagine the poor program director, having to sit down with a grown man and explain what a joke is.

Wyllie's anger over the broadcasts prompted Chris Kinard, WJFK's program director, to call time out. He met with Wyllie on Tuesday to discuss the comedy routines.

Kinard declined to comment, but Wyllie insisted after the meeting that peace was at hand.

"All we did was ask questions about what they were doing," he said in an interview. "Once they said it was all in jest, we were fine with it."

He added, "I have a sense of humor, like everyone else. It's a joke, and I take it as a joke. Once they said it was all a joke, that's all there was to it."


I've got a joke for you. Dan Snyder walks into a bar, and hits his head, and gosh that must have been a low bar because he's short, you see, and also a terrible owner and Washington will never win a damn thing as long as he's in charge. Aren't jokes fun?

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