We've met Tony Wyllie—the Washington Redskins' deeply stupid, duplicitous shitbag of a PR flack—around these parts before. He's the man who once compared Dan Snyder's ridiculous libel suit against Dave McKenna to the plight of Egyptian protestors in Tahrir Square. He's also the guy who threatened to sue a a radio station for daring to make fun of the Skins. Unsurprisingly, Wyllie is also a petty son of a bitch.

From Emmanual Benton of Pro Player Insiders comes a brief but wonderful story about Wyllie being a thin-skinned ninny. During Sunday's Redskins-Cowboys game, the Fox cameras very briefly captured Robert Griffin III talking to Wyllie after an incomplete pass.

The moment prompted Benton to tweet a fairly innocuous joke:


Well, that joke went too far for Wyllie's liking, and according to Benton, he responded to it with the following email:

Of course, there is a possibility that this email is fake or somehow unrelated to Benton's tweet, but we wouldn't know because Wyllie has yet to return our request for comment. So until he gets back to us, all we have to say about this whole thing is: Hahahahahaha.


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