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The college basketball season really gets going tonight, as our beloved Big Ten takes its ritualistic beating in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, one of the few things ESPN does every year that makes us smile. And the centerpiece game is, of course, the "rematch" of last year's national championship game between Oskee-Wow-Wow Illinois and defending champ North Carolina. It's not really a rematch, obviously, since the only aspects of last year's game still around are Dee Brown, the coaches and us. And we're considerably less stressed about this one.

Since this is a big game — a game so big that Nike is actually introducing new uniforms for it — we decided a little Oddjack-esque wager was in order. So we got set up with our friends over at YAYSports! and decided to bet a post on it: Winner gets to post on the other person's site tomorrow.


This is the first time we've ever wagered a post. A new world indeed.

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