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Mad propers to The Mighty MJD, who came across a short film we'll be watching all day: "The Return Of Little Mac, a dramatic rendition of what the "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" hero might be up to these days. Tortured by visions of Bald Bull, haunted by his lone victory over Mike Tyson, sitting in a bathtub with Glass Joe ... the film is a story of redemption, perseverance and "needing someone to press reset on my life."

And what happened to the old gang? Well, Don Flamenco lives in West Hollywood with Soda Popinski, King Hippo opened a mattress store in New Jersey and Great Tiger, well, he joined Al Qaeda. A truly hilarious short film for people like us, who once played "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" so many consecutive hours that we actually told our father, "you know, Dad, you kind of look like Piston Honda." He made us go outside when we said that.


"The Return Of Little Mac [College Humor] (via The Mighty MJD)
"Mike Tyson's Punch Out" Tribute [X-Entertainment]

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