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The Return of Super Blogdome

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• Bram is off to ESPN, and that's just one of 13 incites in an epic post. [Wizznutzz]
• Giant Dixie cups are roaming the streets surrounding Fenway. [Screwballs]
• Old blind man hits a hole in one. Well, that's what they told him. [In the Weeds]
• Smart hockey player makes drinking easier at frat parties. [Fan IQ]
• A look back at a younger, equally crazy, Roger Clemens. [Red Sox Monster]
• DerMarr's back in the league and he's teamed up with another rapper. [Hardwod Paroxysm]
• Atlanta doesn't think too highly of Forbes Magazine either. [Yahoo! Sports Blog]
• The best sneaker ad? I'll take Barkley vs. Godzilla. [Josh Q. Public]
• People who actually care about covering the Caps are a bit peeved with some local celebrity writers. [On Frozen Blog]
• If they didn't want Ohio State players to smoke, they wouldn't have such good weed in Columbus. [Eleven Warriors]
• The evil bracket comes to a close. [Pyle of Lists]
• Introducing the SuperVaginaDome. [Best of New Orleans]
• How many goddamn Shirtzees do you need? [The Red Sox Ticket]
• I am a big fan of NBA Playoff commercials. But Travolta and Cage blow. [Ball Don't Lie]
• It's like running with the bulls without the bulls, and it's in Augusta, not Pamplona. [FanHouse]

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