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The Return Of The Rogue Agent

Remember David Frost? He's the hockey agent/coach/Svengali/asshole who held more than a little undue influence over young hockey players, including St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton, who later tried to have him killed. (Later, while in jail, Danton tried to reach out to Frost again, who had essentially run his life since he was a child. The whole timeline is here.)

Anyway, just a few months after being spotted trying to recruit more young hockey players, Frost has been spotted again, popping up in Kingston, Ontario, which happens to be the hometown of blogger Neate Sager. Fortunately, there are no hockey players in Ontario to corrupt. Nope. He and his wife — yep — are apparently running a juice bar.


Honestly, if you really don't know the details of the Frost story, we suggest checking out the CBC's Fifth Estate series on the Frost-Danton relationship. Creepy stuff.

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