Yes, I used to work at that dirty site where posts about handjobs and "back door girls" meant a slow news day, but I've also seen plenty of Carl Mondays try to make people feel bad about their special urges. So perhaps I have a different appreciation for what WGN morning sports anchor Pat Tomasulo is going for in this stunning Daily Show audition tape exposé about the naughty sex ads that fill the Chicago Sun-Times sports section.It's a scathing indictment of how an overzealous media debases and exploits the sexual freedoms that we all cherish, while simultaneously turning the repression and fear of our own bodies into valuable ratings. Or maybe Pat is just batshit insane and likes talking to women who work at massage parlors. He "reports," you decide.

What's Up with Those Creepy Ads in the Back of the Sun-Times [YouTube]