The Spa Where Police Say Robert Kraft Solicited Prostitution Has Some Rough One-Star Reviews

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged earlier today with two counts of soliciting prostitution in Jupiter, Florida. According to Jupiter police, the solicitation happened at Orchids of Asia Day Spa, which was used for prostitution and human trafficking. Kraft was reportedly captured on video on at least two occasions receiving “services” by workers there. Kraft was one of 25 people charged with solicitation after a months-long investigation into the spa.

The spa’s Yelp page was immediately bombarded with unfunny jokers in Patriots avatars, but a deeper look reveals that at least one customer knew of the spa’s propensity toward prostitution.


From No N.:

Highly disappointed I allowed you to give my friend and I a facial and massage . I recommended this place as well to a guy friend of mine whom was offered a table shower then happy ending ! This is NOT the town to act like this and it’s a family area . I’m reporting you to the board and I pray you get shut down ! It’s pretty sad sitting around a table with Jupiter locals at a restaurant and a few were aware of this when I explained what happened ..... You’re disgusting and I can’t believe I let you touch my face and I laid on your massage table . GET OUT OF OUR TOWN OR ILL SEE TO IT YOUR LICENSE IS REVOKED AND YOURE KICKED OUT !


While no other reviews explicitly mention the so-called “happy ending” on offer at the Orchids of Asia, there were plenty of one-star reviews before Friday’s news, mostly about the quality of the massages.

Connor H.:

Therapist walked out of the room 4 times during my massage, then at the end demanded that I pay 20% tip. Worst massage experience I’ve had in a while- if you are going to spend $100 for an hour go to coastal day spa or massage envy.

Patricia V.:

I did not have a good experience here. The massage was not by definition a massage. I was expecting a technique that involved manipulation of the tissues thru kneading, pressing, and rubbing that would relax my muscles and have a therapeutic effect. I didn’t get anything close to this, I had no idea what she was doing. She was pushing and poking me over a rough, course towel. Yes, a towel. Don’t expect white, soft linen over the massage tables. They use brown, course, thin towels. They did not use essential massage oils and creams. Instead they had oily lubricants in squeeze bottles, with no labels. About 10/15 minutes into the massage I got up and said “No, thank you” and asked for my refund. If you’ve ever had a massage at a quality day spa you’ll soon realize this place is completely different. From the linen, the products, and the massage technique they incorporate. They also have table showers that you can add to any massage. I asked what that service was and they showed me the room. It’s a table you lay on and they give you a shower with Dove body wash. In a nutshell, this isn’t a place you would send your mother or daughter. There was nothing therapeutic or relaxing about my experience. Pushing and poking is not a massage.


Eva H.:

My partner and I got two Thai massages here. We compared after though, and he got a significantly different massage than I did, for the same price. Mine was more Swedish massage with some stretches thrown in, whereas his masseuse was stepping on his back the whole time. I think he ultimately got the “real” thai massage, and I got a hybrid Swedish massage that they just charged extra for.

Also—this just bothered me—we tipped 15% each to our masseuses, and they got VERY hostile that we went under 20%. I understand the service industry can be tough, but I would have responded much more favorably to honey than to vinegar.


There was also a two-star complaint about pricing at the Orchids of Asia.

From Barbara C.:

They give a good massage, but the price is questionable and they attempt to try to charge more than their price list. . Example if you come before 1 pm the published rate is $64 but they try to tell you they want $79 for the massage. This has now happened twice.Then I was told my tip (15%) was too small. Who needs this kind of hassle? Too bad since I’m in Jupiter for 3 months and would have gone once a week.


The $79 price was what Jupiter police chief Daniel J. Kerr said was the price for an hour-long massage. Kerr did not specify whether Kraft picked that rate or the 30-minute version—which ran $59—on either occasion.

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