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The Sports Fella Reveals His Plans For The Next Great American Novel

So far, with the hundreds upon hundreds of interviews, self-promotional dog-and-pony crap the Sports Fella's been through pimping The Book Of Basketball, his interview (s) with Leitch have all been refreshingly honest. And full of cursing.

In the third installment, Simmons talks about his future book projects. One idea seems like a goldmine:

Of course. It's so much more fun than writing columns - not having deadlines, being able to swear, making fun of announcers, and working on the same section for a week until you get it right. I loved it. I want the Book of Basketball to do well if only so I can shop an absolutely ridiculous topic for my next book: like, a book about basketball cards, or an unauthorized biography of A.J. Daulerio. Something that would make a publisher say, "That's an absolutely terrible idea, but his last one was a best-seller, so we can't say no, and maybe he could pull this off." I want to get to the stage professionally where you can get paid a lot of money for a loony idea that has like a 2.3 percent chance of working. I was always jealous of those people.

Although, the more I'm thinking about it, an unauthorized Daulerio autobiography is not a bad idea ...


I don't know. Is there a market for 12-page novels?

An Interview With Bill Simmons [ "Sports" Section]

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