Sun Tzu probably had some quote about using the weapons you have available to you to defeat your opponent on the battlefield or whatever, and while I don’t know about any of that apocryphal bullshit, I can say with 100 percent certainty that these two ruddy English lads embody the spirit of resourcefulness. If you’re neighbor is enraging you with some fence-related funny business, what better projectile/melee weapon to take advantage of than a loose plank?

New highlights pop up every time I watch this video: the 11-second gap between the peacemaker trying to break things up and grabbing a plank of her own; the dog in the corner of the window; the absolute force with which the guy on the right tosses his plank at 0:34. You’ll probably enjoy the lightsaber-sounds version.

The person who posted the video added some information, though it’s not much to go on.


Newcastle seems like a wonderful place.