Sock? Still retired. Enthusiastic Guild letter after the jump.

Dear Guild member,

We are pleased to announce that today Stephen A. Smith returns to the Inquirer as a Sports Columnist.

In August, Arbitrator Richard Kasher ruled that Philadelphia Newspapers did not have good and reasonable cause to terminate Stephen and ordered that he be reinstated to his former position and receive a portion of the back pay he would have earned since being unjustly fired in January 2008.

The Guild first grieved Stephen's August 2007 demotion to general assignment reporter, then his termination and the matter was taken to arbitration. Once again, Guild counsel Neal Goldstein was successful in bringing one of our members back to work, his 10th consecutive victory against the employer.

While Stephen was eager to return to work immediately following Arbitrator Kasher's ruling in August, Philadelphia Newspapers repeatedly challenged the arbitrator's decision and later attempted to reassign Stephen, all of which led to a forceful letter from the arbitrator clearly ordering the company to reinstate Stephen to his Sports Columnist title.

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