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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Suns And Spurs Won't Stop Punching Each Other, And It's Awesome

Illustration for article titled The Suns And Spurs Wont Stop Punching Each Other, And Its Awesome

Did you ever wonder just how entertaining those old Knicks-Heat slugfest series could have been had, you know, the actual basketball being played was even slightly tolerable to the eyes? That what this Spurs-Suns series has become: Two amazing teams who play entirely different games trying to force the other team to bend to their will and ultimately just bashing each other in the face. It's awfully exciting to watch, particularly now that they're all tied up again.


The major story this morning, of course, involves those last few seconds, which NBA Sheriff Stu (Fife) Jackson will be rifling through all day before meting out suspensions (or not). The strange code of suspensions could end up, strangely, punshing the Suns more than the Spurs, despite Robert Horry's "body check," because they could lose Amare Stoudemire for leaving the bench. This would be a grave injustice and would be no fun for anybody (even Spurs fans want him to play). But rules are rules, and the NBA may have no choice.

As gripping as this series continues to be, it would be a shame if such a key player were forced to sit out on a play that the other team started. No matter what, though, the Suns have the advantage again, and if Steve Nash is still able to stand a couple games from now, they might keep it.


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(By the way, speaking of True Hoop ... have you seen his comment section since he went to ESPN? Yipes.)

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