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The Tao Of Fred Ex

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For those of you saw the sleazy, magazine-licking photos of George Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson circulating around the web over the last few days, you may have noticed this picture of former Eagles wideout (and substitute teacher) Freddie Mitchell randomly popping the photo book from that scandalous evening. Fred, although unemployed, looks pretty happy escorting a starry-eyed lady into this boozy den of sin.


Of course, I've had my own little run-ins with 4th Down Freddie in the past. For the 15 sweaty seconds we interacted that fateful evening, he was kind enough to pose for that photo. Fred showed up to the party with Brady Quinn and Julius Jones and seemed to have no problem whatsoever mingling with the A-list athletes and celebs.

Now, Fred pops again, at this party, just hanging out and still reaping the benefits of his hands whenever possible. One thing that was always amusing about Freddie was that the media always had a tough time getting in touch with him. He constantly changed his cellphone number (either due to losing his phone or changing locations), so it would be probably pretty tough for some enterprising gossip reporters to get in touch with him this time around to ask about what exactly happened to Clooney's floozy that night.

But, in the spirit of citizen journalism, maybe you should ask him yourself.

He's probably going to change this number soon anyway: 310-709-3542

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