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The glory of Tecmo Bowl has been well documented all across this great Interweb, but we're still suckers for it every time. Like most of you, we suspect, we spent a large percentage of our formative years playing Tecmo Bowl; with Timm Rosenbach, Johnny Johnson and J.T. Smith, our Phoenix Cardinals were rather unstoppable.

Anyway, an enterprising Steelers fan has simulated Sunday's Steelers-Colts tilt using Tecmo Bowl, and the progression is most amusing, particularly with a deranged Chris Berman filling in on color commentary. We don't know how they got the rosters updated — clever PhotoShopping, we'd guess — but we have a sneaking suspicion that this simulation might be more entertaining than the actual game. Though perhaps not in the favor of the Steelers.

Steelers Vs. Colts: Tecmo Bowl [ExBurgher]