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Ken Burns's The Tenth Inning has a lot going for it. However, thorough as he may be, Burns missed out on one of the biggest stories of the last two decades in baseball.

I refer of course to the tale of Ugueth Urbina. Closer. Winner. Madman. Deadspin Presents is proud to present this documentary chronicling a little bit of the life and some of the times of Ugueth Urbina. Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project, specifically the Rand Corporation, the John Muir Society, and the support of commenters like you.


Update: Some guy out there with a blog did this thing and sorta chided me as well as the site for not mentioning that the paper cut-out pictures of Urbina were from Samara Pearlstein's blog Roar Of The Tigers, specifically this post that appeared on Samara Pearlstein's blog Roar Of The Tigers. We regret not giving Samara Pearlstein's blog Roar Of The Tigers a proper shout-out. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, guy with a blog.

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