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The Thin Line Between Fan and Fanatic

Let's say you love the Chicago Bears. ('s just an example.) And let's say you don't mind having a few dozen tattoos on your body. That doesn't logically follow that you need 92 Bears autographs permanently inked in your skin.

These are the kinds of people you run into when you attend a Bear-sponsored motorcycle rally. (This is from Ruben Brown's Motorcycle Run, a charity ride for the Salvation Army.) The man's name is Glenn Timmermann, who apparently gets any current Bear and former Bear—and maybe a few Bad News Bears—that he's ever met to autograph his body and then he turns it into a tattoo. He's also not a fan of shirts.


I can understand the Ditka tat (sorta; not really) and maybe even the big Chicago "C" on the back of the head. But Tom Thayer? Shaun Gayle? Is there any Bear who isn't off the table? Paul Edinger? Erik Kramer? You have to draw the line at Sauerbrun, don't you? Or is that line already running down your thigh?

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