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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Tunisian Basketball Coach Slapped The Shit Out Of One Of His Players In The Huddle

As we told you earlier, the Tunisian men's basketball team were 54-point underdogs heading into their preliminary game against Team USA. The stress of facing such daunting odds may have gotten to Tunisia's coach (the bald man at the center of the video above), as he unleashed a vicious slap into the face of one of his players during the team's pregame huddle.


As far as slaps go, this one rates pretty high based on the deftness and efficiency with which it was executed. That's a decent amount of impact considering how little room there was for a proper windup.

You may suck at basketball, Tunisia, but your old people sure know how to throw a proper slap. Good job.

Video by Kate Bennert

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