99design's "Rebrand The Washington Redskins" contest ended this weekend, with the logo above (by user Mixaurus) winning the $499 prize. Apparently the polls were overrun with pro-Redskins trolls or graphic designers are really nit-picky (or both), because the second-highest-rated submission garnered just a 2.2 star rating out of five.

While you all were apparently too cowardly to submit your own rebrands to the contest, we did have some favorites:

via AJ Mieskolainen

"Chocolate City Mothership" via FuriousFrank

via Raysism

via thanksiworkout

The "heighten the contradictions" award goes to Silverfish

via toiletting

"Washington Tanskins" via ddwilliams

via HowDoUWannastedt

via Same Sad Echo

Your winner via Wendel Clark Bar