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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Week Of Big Changes

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Well. Busy week. Vishante Shiancoe became a star and brought us more viewers than any other week. **Holds gun to head**


We changed the front page again with surprisingly little protest.**Closes eyes** We found out that putting the word "Nude Cheerleaders" in a post makes it Digg-worthy. **Cocks hammer**. Realizes phrase "cocks hammer" just brings us back to square one.


More change: The Phillies signed Raul Ibanez to a three-year deal because they really need another left handed bat. Sadly, this probably means the end of the Pat Burrell era in Philadelphia. He's truly a remarkable Philadelphia story: an underachieving Philadelphia athlete surprisingly not run out of town years ago, sticks around through the boos and the boorishness because he genuinely loved it here. Never hit enough homers for that paycheck. Couldn't run. Too streaky and overpaid through most of his career. But persevered and, remarkably, became a fan favorite and quiet leader when the team needed it most. You were classy even when you didn't need to be, Pat, and Philadelphia will always have your back.


Tomorrow: Watch KOGOD and Sarah struggle through the new publishing rules and make a mess of the place. (They won't. They'll figure it out.)


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Especially this week. Even these three guys.

Enjoy your weekends.

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