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The Weekend's Most Exciting Soccer Match Ended With A Coach Rolling Around In Tears

Let's set the scene: the home stadium of Buenos Aires side Chacarita Juniors, which finished 20th in Argentina's second division and was playing for its professional life. The stakes: remaining in Argentina's Nacional B. Chacarita was playing third division winners Nueva Chicago in the second leg of a home-and-home to decide who is promoted and who is relegated. The situation: the final minute of stoppage time. The score is tied 1-1, which would send Nueva Chicago through. Chacarita needs a goal.


With just seconds left, a Chicago player (in green) is whistled for a handball in the box. It's pretty clear on the replay at 0:45 of the video, although the referee plainly missed a full-body check by a Chacarita player. It came down to a Chacarita penalty kick, and the home crowd went through the full range of emotions. (The crowd reactions are amazing throughout the video.)

But watch the man in black on the sideline, who first shows up at 0:09. That's Chacarita manager Salvador Pasini, and he goes through the entire range of emotions. At 0:16 he lumbers to a corner to put his head in his hands. At 0:27 he bumps into someone because he can't see through his tears. At 1:33 he takes a knee in prayer, still a blubbering mess.

And then, at 3:20, the penalty is saved. Except Pasini thinks it goes in, and runs around in triumph for a few seconds. Then: heartbreak. Pasini collapses on the nearest reserve, and crumbles to the ground. It's relegation for Chacarita, and likely the unemployment line for Pasini.

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