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The Will Leitch Suicide Watch

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If it's true that Will's got a bad feeling about the upcoming sports weekend, it's probably best that we monitor things, given the events of this past week. I mean, athletes are role models, and you never know how much influence a star wide receiver can have over an impressionable young blogger. Now might be a good time for him to finally get around to hiring a live-in publicist. So we might want to keep an eye on these games, just so we can rate the likelyhood of Will trying to take his own life sometime before Monday.

Saturday, College Football. Illinios @ Michigan State. 12:00.
Saturday, MLB. Brewers @ Cardinals, 1:20.
Sunday, NFL. Cardinals @ Falcons. 1:00.
Sunday, MLB. Brewers @ Cardinals, 2:15.


The Illinois/Michigan State game probably isn't going to do him in, because Illinois can't possibly expect to win that one, right? Illinois is going to lose, but unless it's by some sort of record margin, that can't possibly break anyone's heart. Then we've got the Buzzsaw, who are still probably in their "we have hope!" phase, which I don't believe is accurate. The Falcons are in a bad mood, they don't have to feel sorry for anyone this week, and the Buzzsaw might just get mauled.

Really, it all rests on the Cardinals of St. Louis. The good news is that they won last night and pushed their division lead to a game and a half and reduced their magic number to 2. But the bad news is that they're still losers of 8 of their last 10, and if they did pull off the historic collapse, it would certainly extinguish our boy's will to live.


He'll be back Monday. I hope.

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