There are three kinds of divorces in this world. One, is when both parties realize it just isn't working out and they amicably part ways. Two, is when one person has had enough, but the other clings desperately to the relationship, always believing that it could somehow still work out. The third is—"I hate you for everything you ever did to me and I'm never going to let you or anyone else forget it." I can't say for certain, but I'm guessing Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl and his ex-wife fall into that last group. Pearl filed for divorce from Kim Shrigley in September of last year, and since Pearl makes about $1.6 million a year, it's a good bet that she took a hefty chunk of change in the settlement. Large enough, at least, to open a hair salon and name it after the source of her inspiration—"Alimony." The I is dotted with a heart "to be that extra pain in the ass."

The unisex salon, at 7115 Kingston Pike in the West Hills area, offers clients hair and nail service, and Shrigley, who now goes by her maiden name, hopes to expand someday and include Botox treatments, facials and waxing. Her ultimate goal for clients: "I want them to have had a nice experience and see that you can go through some horrible stuff and come out on top," she said. "It's not the end of the world. It feels like it at first, but it's not."

Oh, and there's a 15% discount for customers who receive alimony. But it's good to see that she's totally put the whole episode behind her. Don't mind that extra twist of the knife, Bruce. Pearl's Ex Opens Beauty Salon: 'Alimony's' [March To Madness]