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The Worst Offseason Workout Program Ever

A longtime North Carolina high school coach is accused of, well, basically torturing some of his students after inviting them over to "lift weights." Seriously, this is Jame Gumb shit right here.

Bill Lee has been a teacher and coach at Salisbury (NC) High School for 30 years, and has coached the boys' and girls' basketball teams, as well as tennis. His idea of voluntary workouts leaves a lot to be desired.

According to the affidavit, the 2003 graduate told police he was invited to "Coach Lee's" house - then on Maxwell Street - to lift weights and work out. He said at some point Lee asked him to make a "scary video" and took him into a room located in the back of the garage.

There, the student says, Lee had him strip down to his boxers, strapped him to a bench, poured a bucket of water over him and punched him in the stomach as a video camera recorded the scene.

The student said he had seen videos at Lee's house of other boys who had been filmed using the same scenario.


Frighteningly, that student might have gotten off easy from "Coach Lee." Another former student has come forward to tell police that Lee hung him by his wrists from a wooden beam, and hit him with a baseball bat, using "half-swings."

Lee has been put on administrative leave while the investigation continues. And suddenly, suicide drills don't seem so bad after all.

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