The Wrong Way To Prepare For Your First Game

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Well, that's just great timing. Fresh off the first time in three years of backing up Priest Holmes that he has ever been able to show himself off — he had the best game of his career Sunday — Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has gotten himself in trouble with the law again. According to the Kansas City Star, Johnson is accused of assaulting a woman at a KC bar early Saturday morning (the day before the game). More specifically, shoving her backwards and "violently" grabbing her right wrist.

The details appear to be that Johnson had been "dating" the woman, and when she popped by the bar, she saw him with another "date." This being 2005, after seeing her, Johnson sent her a text message saying to meet her downstairs, and the tussle occurred then.

We would be more willing to give Johnson the benefit of the doubt here — the woman making the allegations already disputes some parts of the police report — if he didn't have a history of this sort of thing; in December 2003, police said he slapped his girlfriend and threatened her with a handgun. But hey: This time he just sent a threatning text message, rather than a threatening gun. The kid, he's learning.


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