The Year In Sports Fans: The Good, The Bad, And The Bills

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Sports fans were all over the place in 2014. There were fights, babies, whimsical drunks, scary drunks, sports, dicks, and butts. Take a look back at some of the most notable fans.

Good Fans

This Browns Fan Is Living The Dream

I've watched the Manziel-supporting, Patton Oswalt lookalike Browns fan many times since September, and not just the slowed-down video, but on Vines floating around Twitter, and every time I see him, he brings me joy. The man too drunk to fully open his eyes is an appropriate avatar for the Believeland moment, because his state isn't one of the usual, sad Browns fan inebriation. No, somewhere under the overpriced beer, there's a hint of optimism. As Browns fans get cautiously excited for the future, you can almost hear the real-life Barney Gumble's war cry: "ggggrrrrrruuuuaAAAAHHHHHHHHHH JOHNNYYYYYYYYYYYY."


Is This Celebrating Falcons Fan Grabbing Her Friend's Dick?

A conclusive answer to this video never surfaced. We want to believe.


Couple Making Out At LSU Game Take Tumble Down The Bleachers

The biggest regret was not filing this under "Reauxmance."


Large, Half-Naked Dodgers Fan Is Living The Motherfucking Dream

Elite basking ability.


Mets Fans Drop Some Sick Burns On Hunter Pence

The sickest burns dropped this year. Hunter Pence hasn't been the same since.


Cop Gets Pushy With Rockies Bro; Rockies Bro Becomes American Hero

This Rockies bro fought the law before the discussion about police-civilian relations spread across the nation, so he's more relevant now. "I have had three beers at Coors Field in Colorado of the United States of America."


Angry Baby Royals Fan Mean-Mugs Tigers Fan, Gives Her The Finger

The best sports baby of the year.


I Can't Stop Watching This Agonized Mets Fan's Performative Suffering

Congratulations for being the best representation of the frustrations of the Mets' fanbase this year, guy.


Phillies Fans' Reactions To Dan Uggla's Grand Slam Are Amazing

The perfect combination of events: Shot of happy fans, Dan Uggla ruining everyone's happiness, reaction shot. The slow-mo replay has so much to unpack. Every person in the frame is worth watching, which means you should watch this about 25 times.

Bad Fans


Ravens Fans Stand Up For Ray Rice



Brawl At Cardinals Game Goes Tumbling Down The Stairs

Fighting on stairs: Bad idea.


Brutal Bathroom Fight At 49ers Game Leads To Arrests, Head Injury

A case for watching TV at home: No one tries to fight you over something meaningless in the bathroom.


Hockey Fans Using Rich Peverley To Shit On LeBron James Are The Worst

In which Rich Peverley's heart stopping made us confront the insecurities of hockey fans, who find it necessary to hold the stance that their professional athletes work harder than your professional athletes.


This Kid Is A Fan Of Basically Every Sports Team Ever

Go sports. All of them.


World's Saddest Nets Fan Shits Into Urinal While Vomiting (NSFW)

Did you miss this the first time? If you'd like to be haunted like the rest of us, feel free to click.


Rangers Fan Just Pees On Concourse In Front Of God And Everyone [NSFW]

Not as bad as shit barf, but still really bad.


Female Alabama Fan Ambushes Oklahoma Bro At Sugar Bowl

Bama Mom and her leg kicks really show why the SEC is the best, and why college football fans can be so ridiculous.

Bills Fans

(With the things Bills fans have done this year, we thought they deserved their own section. They went above and beyond. Congratulations for winning something for your team.)


New Video Of Bills Fan Falling From Upper Deck Leads To Conviction

Robert Hopkins: Idiot.


Horny Bills Fans Have No Concept Of Shame (NSFW)

Butt action.

Fans In Their Own Category


Butthole Eaten At Lions Tailgate

Butt action, the sequel.