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There Are Photos For Sale Of Tennis Pros Getting A Lap Dance, Menstruating

Back into the shit-pit we dive. An enterprising amateur photographer asks if we'd like to spend our scuzz-money on some awful photos of two professional tennis players. Vamanos.

Here's the email from a person who calls himself "Salmon":


I have a photo of a recently controversially cleared from steroid suspension player (I'm sure you can figure out who) receiving a lap dance from several strippers. You can clearly see his face, and as a bonus, some boob. Who doesn't like boob?

I also know someone who has an action shot of a well known female tennis player (one of the top 16 seeds at the Australian Open) with some very visible, er, monthly distress on her tennis undergarments as she is mid stretch. Not as sure of the availability of that one, but probably could be worked out.


Who was cleared of steroid use? This dude, Wayne Somethingorother? For that, we'll start the bidding at $11.73. And the second one? Um, -$433. Puke.


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