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There Is Finally An Inspirational Children's Book About Danny Woodhead

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If every undersized, scrappy professional athlete could have an inspirational children’s book written about him or her, the world would be full of adolescents with overblown expectations about their futures. But since that’s already the case with America’s youth, scraptastic young men like Greg Paulus, Dustin Pedroia, and Danny Woodhead might as well help the cause along.

Woodhead, the 5'8" Patriots running back who has essentially been equated to a supernatural pixy in his four seasons in the NFL, finally has his own. It’s called Danny Woodhead: Football Dream Come True. It admittedly has an adorable cover, and it tells the story of how “pint-sized” Woodhead “overcame the odds and made his dreams come true in the endzone.” Incredibly, it does not seem to include the word “scrappy”:

Illustrated with bright, clear images, “A Football Dream Come True” turns Woodhead’s story into a never-say-die fable about the undersized and overlooked kid “with the heart of a champion.”


And here’s author John Goode with the shocking ending:

“The team is losing at halftime, and the coach decides to put Danny in. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but as you can probably guess, he scores the winning touchdown.”

We look forward to Goode’s next release, Wes Welker: Dream Of His Own Inspirational Book That Is Also About Being An Undersized Professional Football Player Who Scores Touchdowns Come True.

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