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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

LeGarrette Blount's 51-yard TD run against the Eagles last night is impressive enough to share on its own, but a couple things happen away from the play that make this clip funny.

After Blount starts doubling back across the field, watch Ryan Mallett of the Patriots (No. 15) and Brandon Graham of the Eagles (No. 54). Mallett is a half-second away from throwing a block, but pulls up at the last minute. Did he remember that this is preseason football and possibly injuring himself on a stupid preseason game would just give the idea of Tim Tebow as Tom Brady's backup a little more life? Maybe.


As Blount finds a hole and cuts through, keep an eye on Emmanuel Acho (No. 53). Actually, take this second to rewind the video and watch it again from when Blount starts doubling back. Focus Acho's path to the ball. OK, now watch Acho take out the knees of teammate Chris McCoy (No. 94). Goddamn, man.

The Patriots ended up winning, 31-22, but no one gives a shit because it's preseason football.

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