Per the MyFoxDetroit story on this weekend's misdeeds at the Southgate, Mich. Chuck E. Cheese, 60-year-old Carol Brown got jumped during a birthday party for her 3- and 5-year-old grandsons.

Here's what the participants — starting with Brown's grown son — had to say about what went down:

"There was a lady on top of my mother," said Steven Olschanski. "One hand on her throat, and she was pulling back to come back and hit her."

"I just started getting blasted. I got hit on [one] side of the head. I got hit on [the other] side of the head," said Brown.

"From start to end, it was all lies," said Kevin Payton.

Lies. It's always lies. Here's hoping the Chuck E. Cheese security video can lend some clarity to the situation. Here's hoping they can overcome their boozy raycess differences, as well.

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