There's A Lot Of College Football On Today

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Since you’re just now waking up from an overstuffed slumber—assuming you haven’t risen early to engage in commerce-related pugilism—here’s a reminder that we have a big slate of college football kicking off at noon Eastern:

  • Navy vs. Houston, 12:00, ABC: This is Navy’s biggest game in decades. A win in Texas means an undefeated conference season and a trip to the inaugural AAC championship game.
  • U. Miami vs. Pitt, 12:00, ESPN2: (See above screencap.)
  • Marshall vs. WKU, 12:00, FS1: This is one of the most consistently high-scoring matchups not involving Texas Tech in college football, as east Kentucky’s Marshall (the state of West Virginia will recognize that Huntington belongs to them, someday, but until then) battles it out in Bowling Green for C-USA’s division title.
  • WMU vs. Toledo, 12:00, CBSSN: #MACtion.
  • Kent vs. Akron, 12:00, ASN: Somewhere, somebody’s MyTV affiliate is airing this game. But not mine.
  • Missouri vs. Arkansas, 2:30, CBS: It’s SEC football. You’ll watch it.
  • Washington State vs. Washington, Fox, 3:30 p.m.: It’s Mike Leach, and it’s the Apple Cup. Go rip a cheap TV away from some poor old woman at Wal-Mart and set it up next to the TV that you have tuned to Missouri-Arkansas.
  • Iowa vs. Nebraska, 3:30, ABC: Actually, you know what, now might be a good time to go back to yesterday and plan your TV acquisition methods accordingly.
  • Oregon State vs. Oregon, 4:00, FS1: (We recommend an old black & white set for this one.)
  • Baylor vs. TCU, 7:30, ESPN: Baptists vs. The Disciples of Christ! Who will win? (The athletic directors.)