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There's A Really Tall Jamaican Girl Roaming Philadelphia This Weekend

It's hard out there for 6-foot-11 high-school-junior gals. People gawk. Of course, there's probably solace on the basketball court. Because people gawk while you learn how to totally dominate. Like Marvadene Anderson from Rutgers Prep is trying to do.

"They were like 'wow,' because they had never seen a girl my height ... but I was used to it, anyway. Even now, people I am acquainted with, they still stare like they've never seen somebody my height before." ...

Anderson is interested in improving so that her journey to a new country is not for naught.

"In Jamaica, you don't really find people your age, your height," Anderson said. "When I came here, I see people my height - mostly guys - but I don't feel lonely anymore. When I was in Jamaica, I never thought I'd find anything this useful with my height. I'm just grateful for the opportunity." []


Marvadene et al has a game at Philadelphia University tonight and at Upper Dublin High tomorrow in case anybody's local and interested in seeing her play.

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